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2020 / 2021 CLCA Membership Drive is completed...

* Every 2 years the Executive and Volunteer Road Reps of the CLCA ask our fellow cottagers to support the operations for another 2 year duration by renewing or taking out a new membership with us.

We have wrapped up our formal Membership Renewal efforts, however if you are not a CLCA member currently and wish to be the process is simple.  Contact the CLCA Membership Director and we will ensure that you start to receive the regular communications.

Your Conestogo Lake Cottagers Association has been actively serving your cottage community since the early 1970's. The CLCA is comprised of a dedicated Board of Directors, Road Representatives and Program Coordinators.  These human resources operate as a volunteer entity to assist and support global issues on your behalf as a Tenant on the GRCA Lands in the Township of Mapleton.  Together, as a community of seasonal neighbours, the CLCA has been able to voice and address common issues through to appropriate governing bodies such as:

  •  (GRCA) Grand River Conservation Authority
  • Township of Mapleton
  • (MNR) Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment
  • (MECP) Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

CLCA representation has generated positive change on your behalf for nearly 50 years.  Through its efforts ALL members have reaped the benefits of:

  • Negotiated Mediated Agreement under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006
  • Negotiate future lease agreements
  • In partnership with GRCA will develop Cottage Lot Policies
  • In partnership with GRCA will maintain and promote the water quality at Conestogo Lake
  • In partnership with GRCA will maintain and promote the quality of the land adjacent to Conestogo Lake
  • Works in close communication/strategic alignment with our sister lake Community (Belwood Lake Cottagers Association)
  • Promote a safe and healthy environment for cottage families to enjoy the recreational assets of Conestogo Lake
  • Upgrading of township roads
  • Produce and Distribute Directory of Cottagers every 2nd Year
  • Generating Social Opportunities for CLCA Members to meet and greet cottagers from other roads

The formal 2020 / 2021 CLCA Membership Drive is now concluded with 359 of 398 cottagers represented.  If you are currently not a member (or unsure) and wish to check in with us simple send an email to jimzuberclca@gmail.com with your lot # and name and we can review your situation.  Membership is always welcomed.

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