Grand River Conservation Commission

Enter the newly formed Grand River Conservation Commission (GRCC) -
Conservation being the operative word.
The commission was formed for two reasons.

  • Public Water Supply
  • Flood Control

The Conestoga River was a life line for the farmers living off its shores.
The Conestoga River was a source of flooding and land erosion for the GRCC.
Both sides were concerned about survival.
The Hollen residents concern related to family and their way of life.
The GRCC concern was everyone who lived along the Conestoga and Grand Rivers
up to and including the town of Paris.

Melanie Gualtieri

Now you see it, maybe tomorrow you won't.
Controversy surrounds the closing of a major road(s) to accommodate the dam.
Concerns abound.
Residents could conceivably walk miles out of their way.
Believe it or not our ancestors did walk to school, church, market, neighbours up hill and down the dale.
It definitely is not like today when we have school buses, taxis, 2-3 cars per family.
So...can someone telol me, does their child or grandchild walk to school or do they have a family chauffeur?

Melanie Gualtieri

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