Grand River Conservation Authority

The Grand River Conservation Authority manages the water and natural resources of the Grand River watershed. Almost one million residents are affected.

The Grand River watershed is the largest in southern Ontario, flowing from Dufferin County in the north to Lake Erie in the south.

Headquartered in Cambridge, ON, the GRCA is the oldest water management agency in Canada and is ranked as one of the  oldest in the world.

It is incorporated under the Conservation Authorities Act and is one of 36 conservation authorities in the province. The GRCA, as a member of Conservation Ontario, is only one of 36 conservation authorities in Ontario.

Direction is given by the  26-member board of directors. The directors are appointed by the municipalities involved.

The GRCA  budget is passed in February. Revenue sources are as follows:

  • Approximately 33% comes from the municipalities
  • Roughly 10% is received from the Ontario government
  • Remainder is self-generated from the following:
    • park and camping fees
    • generation of hydroelectricity
    • service fees
    • other sources

The monies gathered go to flood control, the protection of environmentally significant areas, provision of recreational opportunities and the promotion of environmental stewardship.

Founded in 1965, The Grand River Conservation Foundation, responsible for fund-raising, has generated more than  $11 million in the last 53 years.

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