Cottage Courtesies

When we think of our summer days spent at Conestogo Lake we are sure they must remind us of many happy events.

We feel that if we look at our safety on the lake as a foursome made up of our family, our property, our neighbours and the lake itself, we can make our stay there more enjoyable.

We were all drawn together as a community of cottagers in early 1990 when we literally fought for our stay, as cottagers on this lake. As a result our leased properties were designated by the GRCA as "Cottage Lot Areas." GRCA continues to operate a Cottage Lot Program.

The GRCA had recognized us as a viable community of cottagers, and have expressed satisfaction at the pride that is being taken by you in maintaining and improving your cottages and lots.

As a result, a Liaison Committee of the CLCA Inc. and BLCA Inc. has several meetings with GRCA and some GRCA Board of Directors throughout the year. Discussions take place on issues that affect cottagers on both lakes.

This mutual co-operation with GRCA could be greatly enhanced, if we, as a community of cottagers keep on demonstrating our good faith by visibly showing a willingness to cooperate with our neighbours and the GRCA.

CLCA Inc. requests a permanent garbage box be used. Plastic bags and cardboard containers are easily shredded by animals and their contents spread all over. We now have recycle containers for your use.

Driving motor vehicles on the GRCA access roads around the lake is limited to a maximum speed of 25 KM and is being watched carefully. This speed is posted! Cottage Lot Roads are considered public road-way under the Highway Traffic Act. Same rules prevail.

  • Keep pets under control at all times, on leash when walking. Be considerate, stoop and scoop.
  • Those who own high powered speed boats observe the 30 metre no-wake-zone from the shore line.
  • Avoid excessive loudness of outside speakers for any length of time.

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