Welcome to Conestogo Lake and the Conestogo lake cottagers association INC.!

Conestogo Lake is in the heart of Mennonite country. It is a 'Y' shaped lake that stretches 5 kilometres up each arm. The lake is functioning reservoir within the Grand River Water Shed and controlled by the GRCA.  The Conestogo Lake Conservation Area features large tracts of forest, giving the appearance that the park is in northern Ontario. This is a multi-recreational use park that is used for many activities including camping, power boating, sailing, water skiing, canoeing and fishing.

The lake is located just 10 km SW of Drayton, Ontario. 


The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) owns the lands in an around Conestogo Lake.  A cottage lot program exists allowing for 398 private leased land lots.  Many of these leases facilitate seasonal property access to cottages and leisure dwellings with a lake front view. 

In 1971 a Volunteer Association called the CLCA was developed out of a need to support "ONE VOICE" representing the leased cottage lot owners.  Most of these cottagers are members of the Conestogo Lake Cottagers' Association Inc. (CLCA Inc.).

Welcome CLCA Members!

All Conestogo Lake, Cottage Lot owners with legal lease land agreements on GRCA property have access to becoming members of the Conestogo Lake Cottagers Association Inc..  In fact, we encourage it and historically the CLCA hosts a high percentage of support annually.

To access membership, please log-in with the primary email address and password for your member account.  If you cannot remember your password simply click "forgot password" and a new password will be sent to your email address. 

If you are not a current member or wish to determine your current membership status please contact the CLCA Inc. Membership Director if you require assistance.

Please note that the Buy-Sell / Lost-Found and Contact links will not show up on the menu, unless you are A Regular Paid Member and you are logged in on your cottager primary email account.

The CLCA Inc. is managed 100% by a volunteer base of cottagers and does not assist in cottage sales or listings.  Please check your MLS listings or other property listing resources for sales details.  The CLCA Inc. will respectfully not be responding to these types of inquiries.  

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